Firewood Logs and Kindling

We supply and deliver seasoned firewood logs and kindling in Somerset.

Local areas covered include Wellington, Taunton, Chard, Ilminster, Bridgwater, Tiverton and the Blackdown Hills.

Hardwood and Softwood Logs

I can supply you with either hardwood or softwood logs or a mixture of the two.

Softwood Logs

Softwood is good value for money if you are using your fire as a top up heat. It is easy to light and will give you a quick heat in modern woodburners. It is very controllable.

Does Softwood damage my chimney? I don't think so, when it's well seasoned wood. Wood burners were invented in Scandanavia. Also the new wood chip, pellet and eco log systems will mainly use softwood and does not seem to be an issue to them.

Hardwood Logs

Hardwood is good for open fires or if you like to keep your woodburner going overnight.



Need help to get your fire going?

We can supply nets of easy to light, fast burning kindling to get your fire lit quickly.

Wholesale enquiries for kindling are welcome.


Tel: Richard 01823 664 553 / 07767 624768



Softwood: 105.00 per 1.2m3 load

Hardwood: 125.00 per 1.2m3 load

Mixed: 115.00 per 1.2m3 load

Kindling: 4.00 per net (or 3 nets for 10) when ordered with a load of logs

Nets of logs: available from 5.50

I can be flexible on the amounts delivered from half loads to a 2 cubic meter pickup load. Just ask for a quote.

Please enquire for wholesale prices.


Please contact us to arrange delivery.

We delivery logs for free within approx 15 miles of Wellington.

Delivery areas covered include include Wellington, Taunton, Chard, Ilminster, Bridgwater, Tiverton and the Blackdown Hills.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding delivery.

We will arrange a delivery time and take pride in sticking to it.

About me

I have over 35 years experience in the forestry industry, in short this is my trade.

Over the years I have learnt that supplying good quality logs is not as easy as buying lorry loads of wood, logging it and sending it out.

I split my cord wood well in advance so the middle dries out. I also cut it into logs in advance and store it under cover. This means more work for me because of the multi-handling but I believe it makes a better product for you.